Silvia Ji

January 9, 2011

San Fransisco native Sylvia Ji's portraits are symbolic reflections of herself and people she knows, beautiful curvy women with dreamy landscape and rainbows of colors. I am inspired by her uniqueness and perspective of art. I Love her style, especially the ones from her collection called ‘Por Vida’ where she recreates her own vision of the Dia de los Muertos. This inspires me to be whomever I want to be as an artist whether it be expressed through a paint brush, a spray can/airbrush, make-up/body paint, decorator etc.. or a camera. Art is viewed in so many different ways. Thats what makes it beautiful and unique. Just because someone might not like your perspective of expression, doesn't mean that its not art. If you like what you see that is your definition of art.  Let the world inspire us to be different!