Hey, friend! I'm so happy you are here. I'm Ruth, a Latina photographer and artist based in Utah. Specializing in Weddings, Quinceañeras and Portrait Photography. I am a proud wife and mother of four. A dreamer that enjoys dancing, Make-up, shoes, talent shows, laughing until it hurts, and pink start burst. Most clients describe me as a friendly and easy going person that makes them feel comfortable in front of the camera. 
I am a true believer of the saying “Everything happens for a reason” in 2004 my husband and I lost our first born baby girl. You might ask, why I’m sharing something so tragic with someone I don’t even know? The answer is simple, and no its not to make you feel bad for me but to learn why I love my job as a photographer. This life lesson has taught me how precious and delicate life truly is. I now know how important it is to freeze a moment in time. I only have three photographs of my angel baby and although I have them in a safe keepsake and don’t see them everyday I know I can go to them whenever I feel the need. Those three images might not seem like a lot but to me they mean everything. This is why my mission is to capture you and your loved ones at your best, in a natural environment where you can be yourself and have fun.
Allow me to create art from your beauty and the beauty of this earth! Together we can make memories that will truly last a lifetime.