I want the pictures you receive to reflect your family, your style, & your taste and so I often ask people what exactly they are looking for in their pictures and the most common answer is “I don’t know!”
But what’s so funny is that they usually do know, they just need some direction in pin pointing it. So I’ve made a little list to help you so we are both on the same page and your vision is my vision.

YOUR STYLE vs SESSION STYLE | Which one fits you best?

gardens with trees and flowers
golf courses
Brigham Young Home
Opera House
Temple grounds

trendy style with lots of random elements
behind old buildings
city streets
old barns
graffiti walls
junk yards

Many locations require advance permission or fees to be paid. Please be aware that if a fee location is required you will be responsible for the fee. If you have a spot you’d like to go, let me know when you book so I can make those arrangements.

WHAT TO WEAR | Coordinate but don’t match
The days of buying the same shirt for everyone is gone. You’ll want to choose a coordinating color palette and then build off it. Clothing with texture and layers is always good and adds interest to the pictures. Color, color, color is fun and inviting. Feel free to bring a change of outfit we will fit in as many as time permits. Fun accessories are great additions to your outfit whether it’s a great hat, scarf or just a change of shoes. Hobby/Interest shots are popular right now. If you golf, let’s go there! If you build, let’s go to a construction site. Dress for the scene. Little girls are great in fun dresses with big bows, hats, tights, etc. Little boys are fun with hats, sport attire etc. If you have a fun prop you’d like to bring, just let me know and we’ll plan for it.

If you are ever not sure, just ask. Even email me a picture of it. I have some helpful ideas on pinterest

Once we book I will send your session confirmation along with tips that include links to location and outfit ideas.