Adam Isaac Jackson

June 6, 2011

Adam Jackson currently resides in Seattle Washington, but spent most of his life growing up in Japan. His work is infused with a love for fashion, comic books, rock posters, cartoons and a heavy influence of pop culture in general. Adam graduated from the Art Institute of Seattle in 2005 and has since been working in the apparel/fashion industry primarily as a graphic artist.

“In my art, I look to capture those moments and expressions I find the most beautiful and iconic and elaborate on them. Whether it’s bold patterns and bright colors, or simple black and white drawings, I am always trying to bring out the attitude and personality of the subject matter. I seem to prefer the black and white, especially right now.”

A lot of you guys know that I love to feel inspired through different artist. I love Adam's black and white style. I really like his perception. He has more of a rebel out look in his art but I really love how simple he makes it look. Love how he take a photograph and draws the image for a killer t-shirt. Definitely inspired for some black and white rebel looks. I too look to bring out your personality and attitude.