Frida Kahlo-Realism,Symbolism,Surrealism Painter

June 21, 2011
(July 6, 1907-July 13,1954)

"Frida Kahlo is one of the most influential and well-known artist of Latin descent from the twentieth century. Born in Mexico to a German photographer and Catholic housewife, she came of age during an era of great political change and the emergence of modern art. 

At 18 years old she suffered critical injuries from a devastating bus accident that left her with a lifetime of pain unable to bear children. While bed-ridden in a body cast she began to paint, channeling her anguish and pain through self-portraits of striking surreal images that addressed the duality permeated through other areas of Fridas life as she engaged in love affairs with both men and women and mad the traditional Mexican style of hair and dress her signature look even through she delighted in dressing in slacks and men's clothing from time to time. 

She was married to the celebrated Mexican artist Diego Rivera, a union that proved to be synergistic as he often painted her into his murals, yet also tumultuous as she struggled with his notorious infidelity.

Despite poor health throughout much of her life, Firda's passion went beyond art and love as she was also extremely political, joining communist league as a student and actively supporting key figures of the movement.

Frida Kahlo died in 1954 at the age of 47 and is remembered as one of the most important Latin American artists in modern art".

1932 Self Portrait on the Boarder of Mexico and the United States

"In an uncharacteristically sweet elegant pink dress and white gloves, she stands like a statue on a pedestal between the two different worlds. In her hand she holds a Mexican flag which much indicate where her loyalties lie. On one side, the ancient Mexican landscape, with its rich warm natural earthy colors, exotic plants and pieces of Aztec sculpture. The forces of nature and the natural life cycle govern the Mexican side. On the other side, the dead technology-dominated landscape of the United States is portrayed in dull grey's and blues. There is just on link between the two worlds:an electricity generator standing on the U.S. soil draws its power from the rots of plant on the Mexican side, which it then supplies to the socket of the pedestal on which Frida is standing. The legend on the pedestal reads" Carmen Rivera painted her portrait the year 1932." (Carmen is Frida's baptism name.)"

1933 My Dress Hangs There

1939 The Two Frida's

1938 Self Portrait with a Monkey

Can I say WOW!! I am so inspired by this artist. If you look at the images at first you might not understand or even "like" what you see. Once you read and learn more about her you understand the meaning behind each painting, you grow to really admire her as a person and artist. Its just so amazing how she expresses her life experiences through her painting using bright colors, uniqueness, realism, and symbolism that take your breath away. Frida was such a strong women. She was never fake and didn't care what others thought of her. She has inspired many of us to be ourselves and not be afraid to express ourselves through art.