September 29, 2014
It may be hard to change from the summer sunshine bliss to the windy fall and changing leaves, some love the weather, others prepare for the cold winter breeze, but this in my opinion is the most popular season for pictures. As a photographer we have to embrace the weather changes and being creative with the season elements can be easy and fun! In this post I will give ideas about fun location and props to bring along.


This is a great opportunity to capture your subject in a fun and candid environment, picking apples off a tree or being in a farm full of sunflowers (early fall).  The natural sunlight shining through the trees help highlight your subject as well as you being able to use the trees and sunflowers as props.

props you can bring along:

  • cozy blankets a quilt, plaid, red or orange fall colors, even bringing a blanket to show your clients culture is such a great idea, for example for me I would bring a sarape blanket and I would love every minute of it. Their is nothing like cozying up with your lover while holding a cute mug and drinking hot cocoa or abuelita chocolate.
  • small wooden ladder wooden ladders are great for posing clients on, keep the height factor to a minimum to keep the risk factor down. A stepping stools or an apple box would be great too.
  • Apples, Sunflowers, Leaves Take photos of your clients picking the apples, biting them, posing with them in their hands and the same goes for leaves and sunflower. Be creative and have fun with it. 


Everyone LOVES the pumpkin patch and what better way to bring the fall feel to your session.

props you can bring along:
  • Pumpkins have your clients pick their pumpkins out while you photograph the fun times! You can use the pumpkins to sit on as a pose or have them pile up and lay around them, be creative and do close ups with the pumpkins. Have fun with it!
  • Hay bales Their is something about hay the makes fall so festive and fun. Make sure your clients are not allergic to the hay. You can have your clients sit on the hay, throw the hay up in the air or even be silly with the hay by putting some in your mouth.
  • Scarecrows Have your clients bring a scarecrow along. Posing with a scarecrow and even being silly for laughs would be fun. 
  • Costumes This would be a great opportunity to wear your costumes and have a creative shoot that with your creative costume ideas. 


In some locations like in my town cornfields and pumpkin patches are near by. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of both locations.

props you can bring along:
  • Corn a fun idea could be bringing along a ripe yummy corn on the cob and eating it for those fun candid moments. You know my latin roots would bring the elote with all sorts of yummy ingredients.
  • Rustic Old Trucks some cornfields have rustic trucks as part of their decor and it is great to use them as a prop to pose your clients on.
  • Hay Bales again this would be a great way to bring in the fall feel to the session
  • Pumpkins would look so great in a field full of corn as well.  


Nothing says fall more then crispy yellow,red and orange leaves! With all the trees and changing colors you can't go wrong.

props you can bring along:
  • pine cones making a heart with pine cones or spelling things out would make a great prop.
  • Leaves having your clients throw the leaves at each other would make for some great candid photos.
  • Cozy blankets having your clients bring along a cozy blanket and a warm apple cider would be a great idea as well


The haunted house would be a great location to capture some spooktacular images! You might not want to bring along children for this location it might be to scary. I would LOVE to do something like this, engagements or an anniversary shoot would be so much fun!

props you can bring along: 
  • Haunted house props if allowed why not. Posing next to some spooky great props and having fun making some scared faces would be fun for those candid images.
  • Pumpkins again, pumpkins make a great prop for any fall photo session. Carving a some fun spooky images would make this even greater.
  • Costumes why not this would be so much fun! Be creative and think outside the box. 


Fall in sports world means… FOOTBALL! A great location for a football fan would be a local football field.

props you can bring along:
  • Football have fun playing playing catch with the football or capture the couple tackling each other.
  • Team Jerseys have your couple dress up in their favorite team jersey even making a save the date jersey for the engagements would be brilliant. 
  • Uniforms if your subject is a player or even a cheer leader or a mascot this would be a great opportunity to show case it in a photo shoot.
  • Team Gear pom-poms, mega phones, foam fingers, team blankets, anything that represents your favorite team would be a great!

What's your favorite location and props to photograph during the fall season? I would love to hear them!